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De ice and schnow, dey is coming to Central Texas January 14, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in stuff, Texas.

God we freak out when this stuff happens here.

People in Connecticutt and Ohio, they get stuff like this, they can still find their golf ball.

We get it, and we’re like DO NOT GO OUTSIDE!  HOARD FOOD!  GASOLINE! 


Oh well.  I got firewood.  And I’m parking the truck on the street so I can get to work tomorrow.


1. harrison - January 14, 2007

In South Carolina the local news always warned to stock up on milk and toilet paper.
I don’t know why.

2. Dave in Texas - January 14, 2007

we’re all gonna die.

3. Elzbth - January 14, 2007

We had snow in southern California on Friday. I’m not kidding! It snowed in San Bernardino and that area. Where is global warming when you need it?

4. geoff - January 14, 2007

It snowed in San Bernardino and that area.

Good old San Berdoo. I used to be stationed at the now-closed Norton AFB in San Bernardino. There’ll be good snow up at Big Bear!

5. lauraw - January 14, 2007

Our local news is not much better at dealing with Winter storms here in New England where they’re expected, Dave.

The traffic issomewhat better, since more people here have a clue about how to drive with snow and ice on the roads. But we still have plenty of newbies who make us look bad. Don’t get me started on the jerks in 4X4’s who all end up in a ditch due to Invincibility Disease.

And the grocery stores all sell out of milk and bread. Something about a Winter storm makes people fucking ravenous for milk and bread.

6. Dave in Texas - January 15, 2007

And toilet paper.

All my girls are home. We need that stuff.

7. cranky - January 15, 2007

Dave, here in Alabama (you remember Alabama, don’t you?) they predicted some snow flurries on a Wednesday a few years ago. On Tuesday, they announced the schools would be closed because there might be freaking flurries.

When I was a kid in Pennsylvania, some of my parent’s friends came for dinner one night. It started snowing. A week later they were able to leave.

8. Barry in CO - January 15, 2007

You girls couldn’t handle the winter were having here!

Tonight’s low: 3.

But at least I’m not out on the Western Slope, where it was -25 last night.

9. daveintexas - January 15, 2007

more sleet tonight.

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