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24 January 14, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

Goodness.  PC pap!

Locking up more Muslims, will not make them safer!

“Security has it’s price”.

So does freedom Tom

Ok, a shot at Malkin’s book.  Hmmm

They were right.  Chloe’s cute.  If she doesn’t pout in the next hour and a half, I will hate her more.

07:15.  Jack is quite hirsute.  He’s been silent.

Grill’s off.  Lemon pepper marinade chicken.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Jack, the terrorists demand your death.  Fuckers.

Karen has feelings.

There’s some new chick.  Nadia.  Fightin with Chloe.  Goofy shit.

They gave Chloe some cleavage.  Oooo… she’s gettin bitchy.

I’m calling Karen Hayes!

Jack Bauer must be sacrificed!

Good luck with that shit.

Wow.  More “Japanese internment PC pap”.

Didn’t see that coming.

I need to buy a Toyota.

YEEESH.  More PC pap.  Don’t be antagonizin your neighbor who might be a taarist,

This show has officially jumped the PC shark.  Too bad.

Kill “Assad”, kill Bauer.

Which we all know is not possible.  Redirect that freakin satellite!!!

So far…. hmmmm.

Wow.  Constitution tearing.  This country…

I’m thinking about turning this shit off now.  Should I wait?

Bauer becomes Vampire man.  Chewed out the throat of his torturer. 

I liked that.

Other than that, this show sucks.

The terrorist wants to negotiate.  He wants to go mainstream.

Ace was right.  This thing has gone way left.

You betrayed us!  NO!  You betrayed us…. oh shit there’s a hecilopter!!!

Crap.  Can I watch another hour of this?

Jack Bauer doesn’t know how to torture?

Life has no meaning.  Ach.


8:54  you go after the handler, I’m going after the BOMBER!

We don’t have time for the PC protocols.


I used to like this show.

Ok, I’m confused.  We’ll blog some more tomorrow and see how she goes!



1. kevlarchick - January 14, 2007

Dave! Give the kid time! The scars on his back are still drying!

He’ll remember….

2. harrison - January 14, 2007

We don’t have time.

3. daveintexas - January 14, 2007

I’m hoping it all works out in the wash.

4. wiserbud - January 15, 2007

Stick with it, Dave. They’re setting all of this up so that when Jack really gets going, it will be more dramatic.

And I thought it was great that while all the PC crap was being discussed, in the “real” world, the lunacy of those positions were being demonstrated. Like the guy who was so enlightened that he took the neighbor’s side against the FBI, with no evidence or reason beyond how he felt, and it turns out that the son is an actual terrorist.

5. cranky - January 15, 2007

It’s pronounced Aaacccckkkkkkkkmed.

Poor terrorist, they hurt his feelings by mispronouncing his name. How hard is it to say Taj?

6. cranky - January 15, 2007

I just had a thought. Do you think Tushar knows this guy Aaacccckkkkkkkmed?

7. carin - January 15, 2007

La la la … I do not hear your criticism of my beloved Jack Bauer. He’s been through a lot. He needs a little time to heal. I’ll give him three hours.

8. carin - January 15, 2007

PLUS, how about the un-PC message of torture last night? Yea, it’s cruel, except when they’re bad guys, and they give up the info.

9. Dave in Texas - January 15, 2007

Oh whatever. Everyone says I’m just being set up, so I’ll play along.

That throat chewing thing was pretty cool though. But what’s the deal with Bauer forgettin how to torture dudes? He’s gettin soft.

10. dave bones - January 15, 2007


happy new year

11. wiserbud - January 15, 2007

But what’s the deal with Bauer forgettin how to torture dudes?

Oh, he’ll remember soon enough. Like I said, it’s not dramatic if he just goes out there and tortures someone. That’s old hat. Now we have to have him seem to lose his edge, only to get it back and really start kickin’ ass and not even bothering to take names.

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