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It’s a zit! I wasn’t nowhere near that guy December 22, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in terrorist hemorrhoids.

To what lengths may you go to collect evidence of a crime?


The lunatic bullet, is in my head.

I blame Bush.


1. Retired Geezer - December 22, 2006

That dude will get high and have his homey Du Wayne do some amateur surgery. No way is he going to have that bullet removed from his head by the Policemens.

2. mesablue - December 22, 2006


It’s a bullet, maybe they can shoot it out?

3. Retired Geezer - December 22, 2006

I vote…. uh… Pickaxe.

4. Myron - December 22, 2006

From the article:

Tammie Bush, the teen’s mother, disputed allegations her son is a gang member.

“We know he’s not a criminal,” she said. “He’s a good kid.”

From Myron:

Aint they all? According to the Rule of Mamma’s there ain’t a criminal in the system. They’re all “good kids”.

5. morbid curiosity - December 22, 2006

No racisism intended, but did you use photoshop on the whites if his eyes?….They’re to white, even for a cracker like me

6. Dave in Texas - December 22, 2006

it’s “too” white, not “to”, and no, I just copied the pic from the article.

click the link.

7. Retired Geezer - December 23, 2006

it’s “too” white, not “to”,

*in which Dave reveals his Inner Michael*

8. Ace of Spades HQ - December 23, 2006

Man Fights To Keep Bullet In His Head That Links Him To Shooting

While police seek to have it removed, to be used as evidence….

9. Alear - December 23, 2006

Magnets, damm huge powerful magnets. Nonintrusive, and perfectly legal (I looked it up).

10. cranky - December 23, 2006

Alear, that is a beautiful idea in its simplicity and effectiveness. Of course, we must make sure there is an uninterrupted and perpetual supply of electricty to the magnet.

11. Tushar D - December 23, 2006

I thought bullets were made of lead. Magnets won’t to anything. Lead poisoning is a slow killer though.

12. Alex - December 23, 2006

Jeez; haven’t they already pretty much got him nailed as an accessory and probably on conspiracy (i.e. he talked about it with the others before they did it), even if they can’t prove that he was the shooter? And even without the bullet, any prosecutor worth a crap ought to be able to convince a jury — even the O.J. jury — that the kid’s story just don’t add up.

Which leads me to two questions: (1) How does a 9mm bullet hit someone in the forehead and just get lodged in fatty tissue without penetrating the forehead and killing him? Was the car dealer using rounds loaded with only a fraction of a normal charge of powder? And (2) I can’t imagine the penalty if the kid was the shooter is enough more than the penalty just as an accessory for him to think leaving the damn bullet in his skull is preferable to having it taken out.

13. magnarc - December 23, 2006

Bullet in brain? Who gives a shit.

14. Chuck - December 23, 2006

Uh… I am as anti-criminal rights as anyone but using brain surgery to get evidence seems a bit much to me. If this was used in multiple cases the chances of someone dieing due to the zealous justice system begins to rise. If getting evidence means risking killing someone I thing it ought to be off limits, especially if no one else died in the case. But then I am mistrustful of government by nature.

And yes, the eyes look like they have had the Condoleeza Rice treatment to make them look unnatural – or to cover up a bloodshot appearance due to drugs. Either way it is uncalled for. Let the real picture speak for itself. Have they learned nothing from Reutersgate? Why is the media run by 3rd Graders? (This is probably unfair to 3rd graders.)

15. traxiom - December 24, 2006

good one, best laugh today!

16. traxiom - December 24, 2006

should have used a hollow point

17. Brian - December 24, 2006

The bullet couldnt penetrate his skull?

What brand of ammo? I need to know so i never buy any of it.

18. Darrell in Dallas - December 24, 2006

#12 alex
because if they can prove he shot at the used car lot owner, it’s a stiffer sentence. as it is, it’s just accessory.

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