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Knee update December 13, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, stuff.


I woke up pretty stiff this morning.

But the knee was ok.

Heh heh.  I never get tired of that joke. 

Scoped on Monday.  Got to take the dressings off today.

One pretty good tear in the anterior meniscus, one teeny one in the lateral, couple of places that needed some smoothing out from arthritis.

All in all I’m glad they found the problem and fixed it.

I’ll give you two shots, one below the fold.  It’s not that bad, but if you’re at all squeamish.



Three incisions.  Amazing what they can do now.  I remember friends in high school who had this kind of work done… they’d open you up 6-8″.  You’d be laid up for weeks.

Now, not so long.  Not so bad either.


1. S. Weasel - December 13, 2006

Oooo…looks like they surgically replaced your knee with a basketball.

2. Retired Geezer - December 13, 2006

Looks pretty puffy still. I’m thinking the spa is not a good place for it. At least that’s what the doc told Mrs. G. on the foot injury.

Heat plus swelling = bad

I’m not licensed to practice in Texas.

Rehearse, maybe.

3. harrison - December 13, 2006

The 3 cuts were for the inflation, the knife and the camera.
Get a video copy of the operation. My brother’s now wife had a gall bladder removal the same way. We played the vid in the bar he and I were working in at the time.
Good times.

Get well.

4. Pupster - December 13, 2006


Sorry ’bout your bad wheel.

5. citizenkan - December 13, 2006

Dave, I had the same left knee meniscus tear back in 2000 and had to be scoped. I did ALL rehab on my road bike, which was put indoors for me, in front of the TV, of course. Best and quickest rehab you’ll ever have. I got great relief also from the scraping of arthritic tissues. Unfortunately, that will come back sooner than later.

Of course, climbing the Grand Tetons about 6-7 months after surgery probably didn’t do my knee any favors. (The climbing down was way worse than going up.) I soon had to have a round of steroid injections before every ski trip we planned so I wouldn’t get left behind. Doc told me carry Darvocet and Feldene with me on all adventures, just in case. But you’re not supposed to drink alcohol with them, so what kind of a ski trip would THAT be?!

Earlier this year, my doc convinced me to have a 3 week series of SynVisc injections (non-steroidal) which seems to have slowed down the “bone on bone” grinding I was experiencing. Three days after the last series of injections, I rode my bike at an MS150 from Miami to Key Largo and back. Best (and fastest) ride of my life and I haven’t had another injection since.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Biking is the answer.

6. Elzbth - December 13, 2006

Hope you feel well soon. Enjoy the bubbles in the meantime.

7. Wickedpinto - December 13, 2006

Why is it that it’s your knee that is screwed up, but you are protectively holding your junk?

8. daveintexas - December 13, 2006

You guys are so nice.

hiya ck, long time no. I’m bikin it tonight.

wp. natural reaction. I was about to pull off the dressing. I sensed danger. so….

thanks everyone. I’m doing well, and glad to have the damn thing fixed.

9. Melissa In Texas - December 14, 2006

WP, that was hysterical!
Dave, glad you survived.
Are you seeing a physical therapist?
Or would that be, physical terrorist?
Bless you honey!

10. lauraw - December 14, 2006

Wishing for a speedy recovery.

11. daveintexas - December 14, 2006

They gave me candy Melissa. Yay!

I get to see the knee nazi physical therapist on Monday.

Thanks Laura!

12. onehorsephoto - December 16, 2006

Dude they gave me Vicodin after laparoscopic surgery for the Big C in ’03. It felt like I had been in a boxing match and took all body shots. Vicodin helped.

Stationary bike is a great rehab solution for you. I’m getting over a lumbar disc injury and the bike helps a lot.

Work that knee.

13. onehorsephoto - December 16, 2006

i immediately regret the ‘dude’ part

14. Tushar D - December 18, 2006

Dave, recover fast! I aws wondering why you weren’t frequenting AoS much lately.
I hope you put up the famous “Dave in Texas Tree of Crap” already.

15. compos mentis - December 18, 2006

Well, I for one will not give in to this blatant attempt to elicit sympathy. Have a shot or two of whiskey and stop yer whinin’.

Nice calves by the way.

And no trapeze in the boudoir hanky-panky for you young man!

16. daveintexas - December 18, 2006


Yep, we did, and I reposted my old story here: https://daveintexas.wordpress.com/2006/11/28/the-crap-tree/


Thanks big guy. Prescription duly noted.

17. The Comish (sic) - December 18, 2006

Get better, man. Those knee injuries are no picnic. In high school, I went all Joe Theisman on my leg, which also tore up my knee, and one of the worst pains I remember feeling was when they took the drain out of my knee after surgery. (Note — the drain out of my KNEE. Thank goodness.)

Of course, the best part of the story was when the cheerleaders came by to wish me well, and I was all drugged up so I didn’t realize that my ass was hanging out from under the blankets. And that, my friend, was the closest I ever got to scoring with the entire cheerleading squad at once.

Get better quick. The beloved Mavs may need a new post player soon, and I’ve given Mark Cuban your email address.

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