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Troops find serious use for Silly String in the field December 7, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

To spot trip wires on booby traps.

Pretty smart for a bunch of poverty-stricken morons, huh?


1. Ace of Spades HQ - December 7, 2006

Troops Innovate: Use $1.99 Silly String To Find Booby-Trap Trip-Wires

Dave in Texas sardonically notes that this seems to disprove that our troops are dumb. Adapting cheap, easily-available toys for important, life-saving work and all. But John Kerry just faxed me to say he’s all wet. “Morons love silly-string, toys,…

2. wagi - December 7, 2006

the best solutions are the simple ones.

3. fracas - December 7, 2006

Hey Dave.. I’m glad to see this up here. I posted that the other day and then, looking at my stats and seeing that still, more visits come to read my post about Britney’s crotch, I decided that I should invest the time in calling attention to the silly string post.

Thanks for already having it up!


Onward! Good on ya!

4. Slublog - December 7, 2006

American Ingenuity at Work

Dave in Texas finds a story that shows even something as seemingly useless as Silly String can assist in the war effort. Amazing to think that a completely ridiculous childhood diversion can help save lives. It reminds me of this…

5. semitough - December 7, 2006

Tsk-tsk. If only they had stayed in school they might have learned something really important like a way to use Silly String to make underdrawers for pop stars. Instead they have wasted their educational opportunity to defend freedom and save lives. Oh the humanity!

6. Euphoric Reality - » Silly String’s Combat Purposes - December 8, 2006

[…] Check out this very cool story, which comes by way of Ace, who got it from Dave in TX. (December 7, 2006)–It’s not some high-tech gizmo from the Pentagon. In fact, you’re more likely to see it on a playground than in a war zone. But it turns out Silly String has a serious purpose in Iraq. […]

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