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Part of the “Name that Navy Stud” contest December 7, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in uh.

His bride’s baby pic.

Look at those adorable curls.  What a cutie.




1. daveintexas - December 7, 2006

and that dimple!


2. lauraw - December 7, 2006

That’s got to be Mrs. Geezer, ’cause she hasn’t changed a bit.

3. daveintexas - December 7, 2006

she was a cutie baby wasn’t she?

4. lauraw - December 7, 2006

That kid should be pushin’ applesauce for Gerber.

5. composmentis - December 8, 2006

You’re right lw, she hasn’t changed a bit. Recognized those eyes right off. Well, she hasn’t changed, ‘cept for all the bruises and broken bones her old man’s given her:)

6. Blue Collar Republican » Blog Archive » Blog Burst December 8, 2006 - December 8, 2006

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7. geoff - December 9, 2006

OK Dave – back on the thread about my site’s name, I came up with the perfect name for your site.

Ready? It’s really, really good.

You better sit down.

Sitting now? Good. All right then, are you really ready?

OK then, here goes:

Monkey Airport

8. daveintexas - December 9, 2006



you goober

9. geoff - December 10, 2006

Whatever I’m changing you to “Monkey Airport” in my blogroll. Just go with it – you’re gonna love it.

Plus Dave@GR will have to stop by every day.

10. geoff - December 10, 2006

Should be a period after “Whatever.”

11. Kong's Little Brother - December 10, 2006

Wow! Things are sure swinging here at the Monkey Airport. I must tell all my simian friends about this place!!

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