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Of local interest, very sad November 21, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

A puppy at the Weatherford Animal Shelter tested positive for rabies.

As a result, a call went out to almost 50 families who had adopted dogs within the last seven days.

The information came out, and the families responded..

“Can’t you test him for rabies”?

Would anyone care to tell us how you test an animal for rabies?

Yep.  2 ways.

One, you open their head and examine their brain for signs of the infection.

Two, you place them in quarantine for 10 days and wait to see if they die.

I cannot imagine the pain and distress the people who had to bring these animals back are going through.  If they had children, dear God, even more.

My heart also goes out to the nice people at the Weatherford Animal Shelter, who had to help family after family, or individuals, deal with the sadness of the situation.

Anybody brings this up next week I’ll disavow it.  Both of you are on f’n’ notice.

UPDATE: A reader emails me that all but 3 of the animals have been released back to their families, and the other 3 are still under observation for a while longer.

Thanks to Leslie, who apparently drew the short straw and had to read my blog this week.


1. Wickedpinto - November 16, 2006

screen capped, and permalink saved.

2. geoff - November 16, 2006

That’s a shame. At least they’ve only had them for seven days, though. Imagine (or don’t) if they’d had them for 6 months. Here’s hoping they all make it through quarantine.

And Dave, stop biting the strays.

3. Melissa in Texas - November 18, 2006

That is indeed sad.
Poor critters. Poor families. It is literally a family affair when animals are chosen. I hope it is an unnecessary precaution and they all survive.
Do they not vaccinate the animals at the shelter (at least before allowing them to be adopted)?

4. geoff - November 23, 2006

Glad to hear that they’re making it through quarantine. Those have to be some mightily relieved families.

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