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Wonky, but what the hell November 7, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Bidness, Current Events.

In October Underwriters Laboratories suspended authorization to use their logo on ethanol E-85 dispensers.  Most states require vendors to display UL certification on fuel dispensers.  While in some cases states have issued waivers while UL continues testing, others have not, forcing the suspension of sales.

While this only affects the E-85 blend (there are two, E-10 and E-85, the number indicates the percentage of ethanol in the blend), technically UL wants more info on blending equipment in the dispenser for anything about 15%.  E-85 requires a special engine, E-10 does not.

UL is working to compete the certification process and testing, and in a forum sponsored by the US Depatment of Energy reported significant progress.



1. jandrewmorrison - November 9, 2006

hey DinT,

Where ya been!! We missed your take on Tuesday’s election over at RWS.

2. Dave in Texas - November 10, 2006

Oh hi jandrew. I didn’t know she put anything up – haven’t checked there in a while.

I’ve been here, laughing with other grown ups who can take a loss without becoming bitter and angry.


3. Ethanol - January 14, 2007

*wonders how cold it\’s going to get today*

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