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Women, know your limits November 2, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in stuff, uh.

A public service announcement.

You can’t help it.  You’re a woman.  With a brain one-third the size of a man’s.

It’s science.



1. Dave in Texas « Innocent Bystanders - November 2, 2006

[…] All serious.  All the time. […]

2. Rightwingsparkle - November 3, 2006
3. biteme - November 3, 2006

So, you admit men are fatheads?

4. harrison - November 3, 2006

So, sleeping by the pool nowadays?

5. Dave in Texas - November 3, 2006

RWS, at least twice a week, but I admit not daily.

And now that you’ve left us, my life just usn’t the same.

6. Jaimo - November 3, 2006

Dave-in-the-doghouse… er um ‘hotub”…

Great video, good luck with the sleepin’ in the hottub thing though…

Also, on that same vid website was one entitled “Sexual Consent”. It was also very well done..

7. jim - November 3, 2006

ha that was harry enfield and paul whitehouse from about 8years ago, very funny. he did loads of other “public service announcements.” Pity he is only doing burger king & travelocity commercials now

8. kevlarchick - November 3, 2006

Is it Monty Python?


9. mark day - November 3, 2006

Gentlemen, know your limits!

There now follows a public service announcement on the risks associated with laptop fires.

Which middle aged men with 30 minutes to spare are particularly at risk from…

How can you prevent such fires?

And who will save your porn?


10. SicSemperTyrannus - November 3, 2006

RightWingSparkle, nice to hear from you. You’ve been missed. Hope you’re successful in helping others.

11. moseswilbur - November 3, 2006

Isn’t that Will Ferrelspeak?

12. Beth - November 3, 2006

Hey, you don’t read mine either, dammit!

Do I have to revoke your keys? ;-)

13. Women, know your limits. « fracas - November 3, 2006

[…] Dave in Texas gets on my blogroll because of <a href=”https://daveintexas.wordpress.com/2006/11/02/women-know-your-limits/”>this post</a>.  If you’re witty enough to understand why you too, should write posts with links like this, you too will get on my blogroll. […]

14. mywholelife - November 3, 2006

Actually the brain is the same size. You have mixed it up with the bladder which is about 1/3 the size of a man’s.

15. Dave in Texas - November 3, 2006

Hey, you don’t read mine either, dammit!

Au contraire mon… uhm… girl… uh, derriere!

16. wenchwit - November 3, 2006

The difference is…women USE their brains, which is more than can be said for some men. Men use their heads alrighty, but more often than not, their thinking occurs below the belt wehere, even for some, the entire amount of blood in their bodies would still not be enough. You got the desired effect. Congrats.

17. pegasus - November 3, 2006

but that 1/3 brain is fully functional. while a guy think through his penis only

18. Liew - November 4, 2006

LMAO! that is a hilarious video.

19. Vish - November 4, 2006

And they say size doesn’t matter…


[…]   Just go here and watch the video. […]

21. abiestudio - November 4, 2006

no, the true is woman should know the limit of her right againts men

22. tomachfive - November 4, 2006

Women are Important in the World.

23. iNOsaint - November 4, 2006

The eternal battle rages on ..huh????? ;)

24. mystarbucks - November 4, 2006

I laughed my female butt off.

25. Women know your limits « Patch Cable - November 4, 2006

[…] [ youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HhPHCT-Kes] [via daveintexas] […]

26. Dezirayhuneychran - November 4, 2006

So is this science? An empty warehouse feeds no one like a field of wholesome veggies producing to the max, that is the same square footage. I guess your brains are where most men keep theirs, in their private parts measuring their strength by how long that appenditure can get. Science my foot…oh, how long is THAT?! I just had NO idea there was such a lie from hell still circulating among knowledgeable “masters” of the gender pool.

27. lauraw - November 4, 2006

Q: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

A: That’s not funny!

28. Dezirayhuneychran - November 4, 2006

P.S.Truthfully, the video is quite amusing, sorta an early take on “The Stepford Wives.” Instead of Texas, I wonder if the author of such a parody is a part of the Taliban or such. Now, you can laugh at my senseless humor can’t you? What fun banter this is.

29. Dave in Texas - November 4, 2006

Q. How many women with PMS does it take to change a light bulb?

A. Two.

Q. Why two?


30. solelyshe - November 4, 2006

Even if it were true, why be evil about it. Speaks a lot about you.
Women are stupid on their area, men in their, we compliment eachother. However, regardless of sex we cannot do anything about how we were designed.

31. unitedcats - November 4, 2006

Most people’s brains only seem to serve one purpose, to keep their head from caving in. And if anyone thinks men are smarter because of their larger brains…check out the Darwin Awards sometime. :)


32. marynovak - November 4, 2006

So what your saying is size matters, i suppose to men size does matter. So the real personal question is not how big your brain is but your intelligence. That seems to be apparent here to everyone but you, so maybe someday you will wake up like the rest of us, till then have a big brain day. : )

33. geoff - November 4, 2006

There’s a host of humorless pedants plaguing this brave little thread.

34. wasting time « aniNOsaintlife - November 4, 2006

[…] while the eternal battle rages on here i am writing my daily post..Was back from the college and with the end of the sessionals i can breathe freely again. The VTU fest is coming up on 8 of this month which will give some more free time and seriously speaking i am becoming kinda lazy and am more involved in wasting my time watching TV ..i really should be typing all those things im supposed to get up…atleast ive completed my 50 posts..anyway trying hard to complete posting this one since i am talking to two pretty girls on google.. […]

35. Dave in Texas - November 5, 2006

They seem unwilling to let their simple natural beauty shine through.

36. lauraw - November 5, 2006

What’s a pedant? I hope they’re not really big and don’t live near here, because I’m afraid of most ants especially big ones.

Rabbits are soooo soft. I like them!

37. Dave in Texas - November 5, 2006

What a delightful thought you dear sweet fragile little thing.

I adore you.

38. kdryef - December 30, 2006
39. pajama momma - December 31, 2006

And you fools still marry us.

40. pajama momma - December 31, 2006

Ok, is that an advertisement above me?

41. Dave in Texas - December 31, 2006

beats me

42. yghsiq - January 4, 2007
43. ANNA-LYS - January 4, 2007

Size don’t matter … it is what you can do with it ;-)

44. uyynrk - January 9, 2007

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