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NYT: Bush Attacks Kerry for Remarks on Iraq Troops November 1, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Politics, uh.

Page 16.  Really digging deep on this one.

NYT 3 step approach to helping Democrats Kerry out.

Step 1: Kerry steps on his dick, calls troops morons.

Step 2: Measure response, when White House speaks, call it an attack.

Step 3: Blame Bush Iraq strategy.  Ignore insult.

ace notes two reporters at CNN blurt out how they hope this really goes away soon.

And he points out what everybody knows.  Kerry said what he meant.  They’ve all said it for years.

Oh, that at the MSM is going to bury this cat turd as fast as they can.


1. abiestudio - November 4, 2006

I wish I could state like you in my country …hiks..hiks

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