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37 Cellos October 30, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in uh.

Hey.  I think it’s a faggy instrument.

Still, pretty impressive.


1. Wickedpinto - October 30, 2006

My father is an audiophile, and he wanted me to take up an instrument when I was a kid (as in musical,) and I just didn’t have the temperament for it.

So whenever m father would say, and he would say this, “Kid?! you got so much talent, just pick an instrument and I’ll get you one and pay for your lessons.”

My response was always “Cello” cuz I knew there was no way in hell my father would pay for a cello, or drive me into the city so I could learn to play it.

The Cello was my trump card, giving me more time to be a wrestler, to play catch and to get stoned.

Don’t bash the Cello Too much, it’s an easy out for kids who’s parents want them to be musicians.

Also I know a Cello Player, and he’s an interesting cat, though a little faggoty, yet he still likes women.

2. Wickedpinto - October 30, 2006

Also, the guy who made that, is kinda hip.

You notice that each influence of music that is being played, or centered on, and then there is an image of him playing the cello, but he changes his clothes to match the music?

The more rock jazz, bass like slap play, he wears a T-Shirt, then he goes to a longsleaved white button down with a bow-tie for the classical portions, then he weres a blue polo for the more contemporary music?

The guy didn’t just make a “superman” like video, he actually used a minor kinda imagery to express the music as well as playing it.

I liked it.

3. Myron - October 31, 2006

While he’s no Stephan Grappelli or Jean-Luc Ponty he’s pretty damned good. And the cello isn’t faggy. Now piccolo, that’s faggy.

4. Dave in Texas - October 31, 2006

Ok, I take back “faggy”

5. amish thinks theres always room for cello - November 4, 2006

This is very neat.

p.s. Chicks look very hot playing cellos. Paula Zahn for instance. And that french chick from that crappy David Spade movie. Hot.

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