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NCAA is a tax-exempt organization? October 4, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

I had no idea.

Bill Thomas, R-Calif. has asked them to defend that status.

He questions why the taxpayer should subsidize coaches salaries, state of the art athletic facilities, and travel expenses.  I presume he means monies collected by the NCAA in the form of television and media contracts, athletic events and such, and disbursed to schools who win bowls and things.

I suppose he has a point.  An awful lot of revenue is generated by this outfit, and I’m hard pressed to understand why they deserve tax-exempt status.

You go Bill.  Just let’s be leaving my band out of this little tax-exempt investigation thingy you got workin, there’s a good man.


1. Wickedpinto - October 5, 2006

If the revenue was returned to the university for use in say. . . ..TEACHING SHIT THAT MAKES PEOPLE USEFUL!!!! I would agree, but the title IX crap actually bankrupts the proffitable collegiate sports, making footballers, and basketballers, fundraisers for female burka field hockey, CUZ WOMEN HAVE RIGHTS TOO!

I say let them be tax exempt, but report on the exemptions, and then explain how title IX is the primary cause, and then recind title IX, and then allow collegiate sports to actually serve the universities rather than being a rationale to bankrupt them.

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