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Meet Hugo Chavez, our Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing October 2, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Leftard Freakshow, Politics.

Hugo, a clue sir.  The Americans you were pandering to?

They do not buy gasoline by the truckload (unless you’re talking about a Ford F-150).


1. Ixnay - October 2, 2006

Sometimes I feel so small. My voice is not heard, and my writings seem to have little impact.

But when I can make a statement with my hard earned dollars, well it’s priceless.

Lately I have taken great satisfaction in passing the Citgo station for the other gas vendor down the road.

2. skinbad - October 3, 2006

I won’t buy it either, but I don’t think I can kid myself that Saudi oil is any better in terms of morality.

I do buy it by the truckload for my F-150. But Chevy Suburban owners can’t be doing any better.

3. Boss429 - October 3, 2006

FEH. My F-150 gets 4 times the gas milage my car…probably should have rebuilt with the factory 289 hi-po instead of boring and stroking a 351W then feeding plenty of steroids…but at $137.9 a gallon who knew…..

4. Boss429 - October 3, 2006

read that as $1.37 & 9/10 cents a gallon….I might reconsider driving the car if gas ever hits $137.9….

5. Tony B - October 17, 2006

I inherited my Ford F150 from my late father-in-law and its been a great truck, my only complaint is the black hole in my gas tank where gas seems to disappear to another dimention. Gas prices have gone down and its easier to drive my truck these days.

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