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Dem leadership to party – “Holy shit these two lunatics sound just like us”! September 21, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Leftard Freakshow, Politics.

Rangel and Pelosi criticise Hugo Chavez for insulting President Bush.  Over at Hot Air.

I listened to excerpts.  His kung-fu was weak.

They have to cover their ass, the talking points sound too much like they loaned him their speech writers for the event.  Allah says “it’s nice to see a lefty put country over party.  Even if he really isn’t”.  I would have said “it’s nice to see a lefty worry about their idiotic image before the American people, so much so he has to offer up this lame defense of Bush”.

Mine was wordier though.  Ah well.  To-may-to.  To-mah-to.

Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi states “I have never called President Bush an evil monkey”!

*whispers to staffer*  have I Pete?  No, I don’t think I have.  Not lately anyway.

Check out the DU thread Allah posts.  They’re so stupid they don’t even know what Charlie is doing.

to borrow a joke from ace, because really, after all, what do I have?  Nothing, that’s what. 

Today’s Democratic Party

Strong.  Tough.  Really ready for this idiot Chavez to STFU and go home already.

They can’t say that about our pledges!  Only we can say that about our pledges”!

—  Eric Stratton, Chairman of the rush committee and he was damned glad to meet you.



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2. Elzbth - September 21, 2006

That speech was hilarious. Even the hardened UN crowd didn’t know how to react. I am surprised Nancy Pelosi didn’t remind us that she has never claimed that Bush farts sulfur fumes.

3. Boss429 - September 22, 2006

Ummm, you know his countries oil is so high on sulpher content that it can only be refined at refinreies equpped to deal with it, which are only loceated here in the land of “el diablo”. Perhaps the sulpher Chavez smelled was from his own clothing. OTOH, the left says Bush likes fart jokes, maybe W had chili and hard boiled eggs shortly before his speech and left a gift for the benevolent dictator?

4. Dave in Texas - September 22, 2006

Not only do I know that, I know where those refineries are. The only 3 refineries in the world that can process Venezuelan heavy crude are in Texas (2) and Illinois.

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