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Nobody to blame but yourself Jerry August 27, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in sports.

TO fined for missing a team meeting, a rehab meeting, and late to an offensive team meeting.

$9,500 bucks.  I believe we already know how TO feels about bigger fines.

Well, this relationship is certainly getting off to a good start.  Nobody is surprised, not even me.

I quit caring about professional sports about 10 years ago.  Oh I still follow “my teams” and all, I don’t remember the last time I watched an entire football game from beginning to end.  No, I mean “caring”, in the sense that I was bummed if the Cowboys lost.  I suppose losing for a while can do that to you.

I remember an article in Sports Illustrated about 16 years ago that talked about ballplayers for the Yankees had no real sense of who the Yankees were.  Didn’t know about the “M & M boys”, nothing at all really, about a team that has such a rich and deep history (full disclosure, I hate them by the way).  It wasn’t important to them.  Being a Yankee wasn’t a big deal.

Money changes everything.  I don’t want to win the lottery, I’m a big enough jerk as it is and I don’t need the encouragement.


1. rickinstl - August 27, 2006

Money changes everything.

Truer words were never spoken Dave.
You take any once humble, wholesome, basically good orginazation, (baseball, public schools, the medical profession, the post office), and throw buttloads of money at it. In about 3 seconds, it turns to crap. Everyone involved gets greedy AND lazy at the same time. The purest form of this evil is television money. There is simply no form of human undertaking that can come in contact with it and come out clean on the other side.

TO is a product of television money.

2. steve_in_hb - August 27, 2006

As an Eagles fan – enjoy. He’s a hell of a football player and a piece of shit person and teammate.

I’m actually surprised. I thought you guys would get one good “Let me prove I’m just misunderstood” year before he reverted to his true personality.

3. TheBizofKnowledge - August 27, 2006

I don’t know why sports teams continually give these kinds of athletes opportunities that they don’t deserve. Yes, T.O. has the skills. But is it worth putting up with all of the problems he causes for himself, his teammates, and the entire organization the whole year??

4. Elzbth - August 27, 2006

He’s tall. What do you expect?

5. HayZeus - August 28, 2006

Ditto what steve_in_hb said all the way. Thank God he’s no longer in Eagle Green.

6. steve_in_hb - August 28, 2006

HayZeus –

Yeah, but it would be nice if they had upgraded the wide receiver position. Guess it’s going to be a year of dumping the ball to Westbrook and watching L.J. Smith show flashes, but ultimately be merely average.

7. HayZeus - August 28, 2006

Spoken like a true Eagles fan, but How’s Donte’ Stallworth grab ya? We’ve got a burner again and this move guarantees that Pinky is out the door. Even without Stallworth we have better WRs than we did during the dark ages of Torrance Small and Charles Johnson or even Trash and Stinkston but this move takes them from mediocre to respectable in my book. Unfortunately, we’re probably still in for a season of dumping the ball off to Westy and watching Little John suck three games for every good game he has. Oh and let us not forget that we’ll certainly be righteously cussing AR for throwing the football every damn down, including 3rd and 1 but hey, that’s what being an Eagles fan is all about.

8. steve_in_hb - August 28, 2006

Assemble a massive offensive line – and then never run the ball.

I’m so happy to get rid of Pinkston – guy got zero yards after the catch – brush against him and he fell down. Couldn’t catch the ball if a db was within 3 yards.

9. Dave's Pool - August 28, 2006

Football? Who gives a bubble. Come splash in me, Dave.

10. Dave in Texas - August 28, 2006

I’m stuck in Austin for a few days.

Not swimming in my pool..

I HATE that.

11. Veeshir - August 29, 2006

As a Giant’s fan I have to admit I’m happy… and a little surprised.
I figured he would wait until about mid-season to destroy that team.
My prediction was that he would mess the team up in mid-season and Parcells would “retire” (again) in April or May, 2007 thus, between the two of them, destroying any chance of the Cowboys being good for years to come.

It’s just fun to watch. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy (Jerry Jones)

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