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They play politics rough in Cincinnati August 14, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, Politics.

Stephanie Studebaker, Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives.

Tough.  Smart.  Stitches.

Her web site says “due to personal issues”, she’s suspending campaign activities.  She and her husband Sam asserted the other assaulted them.  They both swore out domestic violence complaints against one another.  Both arrested and released on $25,000 bonds.

Hey, I like scrappy in a Representative!

Dennis Lieberman, Montgomery County’s Democratic Party chairman, said he talked with Studebaker on Monday, but her decision on the future of her candidacy is “really entirely up to her … when she’s ready, she’ll let us know.  And please don’t tell her I said anything critical”.

“You just don’t know what she’s capable of”, he whispered.

“Dear God, you have no idea.”

Suspending campaign activities.  Mike Turner (R-Ohio, 3rd Congressional District), watch your back man.  This chick looks pretty tough to me.

* disclaimer.  Hitting women is wrong man.  Very wrong.  Even Democratic women.

UPDATE: She’s out

Hey, give her credit for dealing with bigger problems.  I wish her and her family luck.



1. kevlarchick - August 14, 2006

She could challenge Scrappy McKinney in a cage match.

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