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Adnan Hajj is the luckiest damn photographer in the world August 6, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

He’s everywhere you want to be.  With a camera.  Right when the shit is goin down.

I mean, dog.  You stumble through the rubble, and catch a Koran with flamey schtuff happenin all around.

You are the BALLS.

Well done sir.  Very well done.  You’ll get a Pulitzer for this.

Well, ok, no you won’t.  It’s transparent bullshit and everybody can see it.  Except Reuters.

Ok, that’s not fair.  The geniuses at Reuters probably see it, and assume dumb asses like you and me can’t see it.


1. jimmie - August 6, 2006

Funny how dumbasses like you seem to be overlooking the main stories today in favor of flimsy accusations of media bias.

In the last 24 hours Iraq and Afghanistan have witnessed major attacks. 11 Israeli soldiers were killed – in Israel. Hundreds die in Ethiopia flooding. Sri Lanka descends into civil war…but oh, you’ve found a dodgy Photoshop! Stop the presses, keyboard warriors strike major victory for democracy and freedom!

2. daveintexas - August 6, 2006

Yes, I agree. That is cracking my shit right up.

3. Elzbth - August 6, 2006

Funny how dumbasses like jimmie like to change the subject and engage in name-calling any time somebody presents evidence of media bias.

4. kevlarchick - August 6, 2006

I smell a red herring.

5. DaveinTexas - August 6, 2006

It is funny, that’s why my shit is so cracked up. Because we can focus on what’s important by setting up straw men and knocking them over with a feather boa. I’m sure that’s jimmie’s preferred weapon, a purple feather boa. Goddam Ethiopia flooding, that means so much in the context of Reuters turning the amps to eleven by publishing obviously doctored up photographs that imply Israel is wantonly blowing up Beirut.

I’m sure jimmie is a drive-by douchebag, but hey, how often do I get a numbskull troll? Not very often, I’ll tell you that.

But it’s sweet and I don’t want to make light of that. *hugs jimmie*

6. John - August 6, 2006

I think Jimmie needs a hug.

I think Jimmie likes the hug a little too much.

7. wayne - August 6, 2006


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