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A little pool update August 3, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Pool Blogging.



Not much… the pretty mortar for the rock work and they’ve started the tile.

We’re two weeks away from filling this thing with water.



1. Elzbth - August 3, 2006

Ooo la la! The rock work is pretty. But I thought the pool was going to be midnight blue.

2. Dave in Texas - August 3, 2006

Yes, the pebbletec finish under the tile, i.e. everything below the tile.

Check it out


3. kevlarchick - August 4, 2006

Lookin sweet Dave. There’s a spot for me….

4. Dave in Texas - August 4, 2006

There is! All the IB wimmins is invited.

The guys aren’t.

5. pajama momma - August 4, 2006

If you’re serving margaritas I’m there. Oh on the rocks with salt please.

6. daveintexas - August 4, 2006

But of course!

*snaps fingers* Cabana boy! Margarita rocks, salt! Chop chop!

7. pajama momma - August 4, 2006

Does the cabana boy come free with the pool? Man, that sure beats an umbrella.

8. John - August 5, 2006

If you lived in El Paso, it would already be filled with water.

9. Madfish Willie - August 6, 2006

Just curious… when did you sign your contract and how long is the complete construction timeline?

10. daveintexas - August 6, 2006

The complete construction timeline was 6 weeks. There were some delays, largely the result of me trying to get TXU delivery to care about my tree problem (they didn’t and still don’t, so after 3 weeks I shucked out the dough and had it done) and a week and a half of rain that jammed up the excavation work.

I’ve been pretty pleased with their progress… they had a huge coping and tile crew… and their creative workaround on my plumbing problem kept them from delaying 2 more weeks (plumbers were all busy too).

All in all I gots no complaints. Cept for that goober that left some nails in my driveway.

11. Madfish Willie - August 6, 2006

Sounds like you selected a pretty decent builder… every summer you will see an expose on the 6:00 news about some fly-by-night jackass who is trying to build pools that stiffs their customers which gives everyone in the business a bad name and just sets us up for people that don’t/won’t pay their final payments for some reason or another.

12. DaveinTexas - August 6, 2006

He has a long-standing presence in the community, been building here for almost 20 years. That was one of my criteria.

The guy that built my house had the same history. When I brought up this or that years later (been here 8) he has always jumped in and offered a fair option. Haven’t had to do that but a couple of times, but when I did he was a stand-up guy.

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