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Time for a pool update July 30, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Pool Blogging.

A large crew showed up yesterday to start the tile and rock coping work.

Me likey.

UPDATE: new pics today.  more rock work.


The back, including the retaining wall.  elzbth, see, the old sewer pipe is still in there!


The spa.  Western view.


So far, so good.

UPDATE II:  more rock work, same ol.  Electronical stuff tomorrow, decks start on Monday.



1. Pupster - July 30, 2006

There is nothing that stonemasons like better than a homeowner watching them work and asking questions.

*watcha doin’*
*watcha doin’ that for*
*hey mister, watcha doin”*

Seriously, they LOVE that.

2. Retired Geezer - July 30, 2006

They like it when you tell them, “My dad built a cinderblock wall in our backyard and he didn’t do it like that”.

3. elzbth - July 30, 2006

Where’s the sewer pipe? You can’t post pictures of your pool without showing the sewer pipe!

4. Dave in Texas - July 30, 2006

the sewer pipe is now 10 feet south of the old sewer pipe.

5. elzbth - July 30, 2006

No! Oh, I am so depressed.

6. Dave in Texas - July 30, 2006

gone. outta the pool, if I may use that expression.

7. spongeworthy - July 31, 2006

That’s gonna shape up nice.

I hope you’re not using sandstone for the deck because that stuff is slippery when it’s wet. Of course, if you don’t have any kids it’s not so much an isuue and it looks fantastic.

8. Mrs. Peel - July 31, 2006

ooh, going to be pretty!

9. daveintexas - July 31, 2006

some kinda sundeck stuff sponge… haven’t picked it out yet, but it has a pebbly-finish to it.

10. elzbth - July 31, 2006

elzbth, see, the old sewer pipe is still in there! What a comfort. I would miss that old pipe.

By the way, that pool is going to be gorgeous.

11. Michael - July 31, 2006

I’m thinkin’ we really should have a party at your house.

12. Dave in Texas - July 31, 2006

You are all invited. I would love to have an IB pool party here.

I’m totally sober right now, in case anyone’s wondering.

13. Dave in Texas - July 31, 2006

What a comfort. I would miss that old pipe.

If you had any idea how difficult it was to ignore that high fast ball, inside, over the plate…

I can’t believe I let that one go.

14. elzbth - July 31, 2006

Ace impersonator! I was duped!

15. Dave in Texas - August 1, 2006

Yes, you were. I loved it.

long story short, ace didn’t have time to set up unique userids for all of us (he wasn’t even sure how many of us there were), so he just gave us his userid and password. We was s’posed to put our handle in the tital of the posts. They all say -ace at the top and Posted by Ace at the bottom.

Whenever I was being me I put [Dave in Texas] in there. Whenever I was being Fidel Castro or Thomas Jefferson I just left it alone.


16. elzbth - August 1, 2006

That was funny. However, I don’t read AoS that often, so it wasn’t that difficult, either. But it did make me laugh. You were good.

17. Madfish Willie - August 2, 2006

Nice masonry work… good tight joints between the stones… coping stone that spans the width of the bond beam – a lot of the crappier ‘masons’ that work on pools will create a sawtooth effect by putting on a stone that doesn’t span the beam and then installing another stone from the other side so that you end up with a crooked or sawtooth joint around your pool.

Your project is shaping up rather nicely!

Did you get to see them actually shoot the gunite shell and level and shape it? I’ve seen the process hundreds of times and it still amazes me… Unbeleivable what you can do with dry gunite.

18. daveintexas - August 2, 2006

I didn’t get to see them shoot the gunnite, but I’ve heard that’s something to see.

I’m very happy with the masonry…. they were doing the “whatever you call it mortar” when you dress and smooth it all pretty like today, and started the tile work. Updated pics tomorrow.

What’s a “bond beam”?

This is all new to me.

hey elzbth, thanks for laughing at my stupid junk.

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