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Chicago attacks Wal*Mart July 27, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Bidness.

With a feather boa and a couple of Super Soakers.

I mention this in the comments, ACORN is closely associated with the United Food and Commercial Workers union.  Who are in turn allied with the Teamsters.

They’ve been after Wal*Mart for years.  Who, after a mere 11 years in the grocery business, have become the world’s leading grocer.

Succeed.  Get assaulted by communists.

Unions are dying.  But they aren’t going down without a fight.  The only thing that sustains them today is federal employees.  You yank them out of the mix, the unionized work force in America is less than 3%.

Laws that target certain “large” businesses with certain “large” retail buildings are gonna get tossed out, just like that *cough*BULLSHIT*cough* Maryland law that attempted to force “a certain large bidness” to direct 8% of its profits to health care for its employees. 

Law.  Tossed.  Out.  BOOYAH!


1. lauraw - July 28, 2006

I haven’t checked up on it lately, but FedEx was dragged into court recently about their Ground drivers being subcontractors, not employees.

Think the Teamsters might have an interest in the case?

F*cking bastards.

2. Dave in Texas - July 28, 2006

The Teamsters and UPS. I don’t know if you read my comments on it, but the reason these guys are going after WalMart is they (and the UCFW) can’t get a collective bargaining agreement done with the other major grocery chains. The UCFW has never negotiated a deal with Albertsons or Safeway or the other big guys.

I’m sure it’s because they sit at the table with the union negotiators, and tell em “unless you guys can get Walmart we won’t do a deal with you.. it will kill us”.

So I’m sure the unionized carriers (like UPS) are pushing it too.


3. lauraw - July 28, 2006

UPS = not a nice company.

Their relationship to the Teamsters should be adversarial, but its not. Quite cozy and profitable to the union heads, actually.

On the other hand, their relationship to their union employees is one of deadly mortal combat.


4. Enas Yorl - July 28, 2006

Okay, I’m confused now. Albertson’s is already unionized – at least around here. United Food Workers. Wal-mart started putting in their neighborhood grocery stores in Las Vegas a couple years ago and the UFW hired minimum wage “protestors” to picket them. They don’t seem to be having much effect though. I still shop at Albertson’s because they have better produce & meats.

5. Dave in Texas - July 28, 2006

Enas, they are in fact a union shop. But the UFCW is still trying to nail down a collective bargaining agreement, years after the vote.

You may recall the southern California strike (is that where you live?) that went on for months… they struck to get an agreement signed.

It isn’t signed and the workers went back to work. The grocers collectively lost about 2.5 B

They have a union. The union hasn’t secured an agreement.


6. Madfish Willie - July 29, 2006

Albertsons.. ha – they left the San Antonio market just after Wal*Mart started opening their SuperStores with groceries etc. Couldn’t compete with WallyWorld on price points or with HEB on quality/selection of merchandise, cleanliness and layout of store.

I like the pricing at WallyWorld, but their selections are too limited – produce quality better than Albertsons but a half step behind HEB – and they NEVER have enough cashieers on duty.

7. Enas Yorl - July 30, 2006

Oh, I see. Interesting. Actually I live in Fabulous Las Vegas. Well, actually North Las Vegas – which isn’t quite as fabulous as Las Vegas proper, but at least it’s more fabulous than Henderson, which is a sort of East Las Vegas.

8. Dave in Texas - July 30, 2006

It’s industry inside stuff that most of the world could give a rat’s fanny about, but I love watching the unions try to obfuscate. They just can’t be honest about what they are and what they want.

9. Eric Delta - July 30, 2006

“…what they are and what they want.”


So. Much. Hate.

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