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Federal Judge to socialist Maryland Legislature July 19, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Bidness.

Suck it.

heh heh*

* per Elzbth’s suggestion.  you know she wouldn’t waste an “e”


1. elzbth - July 19, 2006

Let’s give it two “heh’s.”

2. daveintexas - July 19, 2006


3. geoff - July 19, 2006

My son’s 4th grade teacher has him convinced that Wal-Mart is in league with the devil – to the point that he balks on the few occasions we go into one. So I made him (my son) talk to a cashier to find out just how awful her life is. She, of course, explained that it was a pretty good job, and that she was very happy at Wal-Mart. He worships his teacher, so that’s as far as I took it, but at least he has experienced the idea that there can be differing viewpoints, and that you can do your own research and thinking.

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