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Yes, I really am Dave in Texas’ friend – guest post by Hugh Jackman July 16, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in uh.


I know, it’s an old picture, but my publicist insisted I not use anything recent.  What the hell, I haven’t changed that much, have I?

Anyway Dave in Texas and I go way back.  And let me tell you, he is one rocking son of a bitch!  I love that guy, I mean it, you know I do Dave.

Oh shit the stuff we used to get into.  I laugh, whooo hooo man you still crack me up!  What a goober you are!

Anyway, I can’t stay long but I wanted to give a big shout out to some of his friends from IB, specifically the ladies!

He just turned me on to you all, and I gotta tell you… woooooo hoooooo!  Dayum!

Elzbth. What a cutie.  What a cutie!  If you had three more vowels we couldn’t handle it!

Civetta.  Can I get you some ibuprofin darlin?  You just say the word.

Mrs. Peel.  Brainy chicks are hot.  HOT.  And hey, how’s the leg prosthesis workin out?  You are brave girl, BRAVE.

Lipstick, next time I’m out your way I’d love to saddle up the horseys and take a ride through the desert with you.  Or go shoot machine guns.  I’m flexible. 

lauraw, I know you’re spoken for and all, but I would love to take a walk through your garden ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo   *w*

And kevlarchick, hey I hear you have a pool!  Need a pool boy?  I’m open most weekends in August!

Well, I better git.  You all go see X3 now.  Drop me an email too if you want to correspond a little – that would be great!






1. kevlarchick - July 17, 2006

Dave, I have a big sack of flour that would look lovely dumped on your head.

And that pool boy position? Let’s just say our chemicals would balance every time.

2. Dave in Texas - July 17, 2006

hee hee hee

3. skinbad - July 17, 2006

Little known fact: Upon becoming famous, Jackman selected a new Hollywood name because his birth name was Hugh G. Rection.

4. elzbth - July 18, 2006

KC can have my only vowel and I’ll take the pool boy.

Skinbad, that was just really, really awful. It reminded me of the joke my dad used to tell us when we were little about the book called Yellow Stream by I. P. Daily.

5. Hugh Jackman - July 18, 2006

email me elzbth. I’ll give you the “private” addr.

you busy this weekend?

6. elzbth - July 18, 2006

Hugh, darlin’, give me a call. I think Dave in Texas is reading your emails.

7. Hugh Jackman - July 19, 2006

Sure babe, send me your phone number – use the “special” email address, Dave can’t read those.

8. Sameer - January 23, 2010

Hugh is a realy Handsome guy ever

9. monica - April 3, 2010

hey hugh, how are things going in hollywood, im a huge fan of wolverine and you did an amazing job, btw your shirtless scenes are definitely my favorite ones ;)
well email me back ,
ill send you my number so we can catch up on things over lunch or something.

10. solar - April 9, 2010

te addoro

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