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It’s baaaaaaack July 11, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Pool Blogging.


Digging starts tomorrow.

Or not.  At this point I’m pretty mellow about the whole thing.



1. Innocent Bystanders » It’s baaaaaaaack - July 11, 2006

[…] Digging starts tomorrow. […]

2. elzbth - July 12, 2006

I take it you have safely removed the electric lines from your trees without accumulating any decorative tree cutting bodies on your lawn.
So, did you take the bulldozer for a ride?

3. Retired Geezer - July 12, 2006

Digging *could* start tonight if the keys are in it.

Just sayin’.

4. Dave in Texas - July 12, 2006

Yes, the trees are cleared now, no one died. However, last night I kinda sorta was maybe goofin around, and I sirta slipped climbing down not that I was gonna DO anything, and I sorta smacked my face on the way down… above my left eye.

About a one inch cut/scrape… no stiches needed. However Mrs. Dave in Texas has banned me from getting within 20 feet of anymore construction equipment.

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