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Supremes Uphold Texas Redistricting June 28, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Politics, Texas.

Pretty much a win for Delay and Republicans in Texas, the Supreme Court said yes on the big questions, which were can you redraw maps anytime you want (as opposed to just following a census), and is this map ok (yes, except for the Texas 23rd, where it appears Hispanic voting rights were diluted).



Write up on that here, essentially they lowered the Hispanic voting strength in D 23 from 65% to 51%, and the justices got twitchy with that.

Never mind their Representative is Henry Bonilla.  Hispanic.  Republican.  The argument from the Dems was that he wasn’t the “right kind of Hispanic representative”.  Gee I wonder what that means?

Nice huh?

Well, it’s a victory for Texas Republicans and Tom Delay.  The underlying argument was quite sound. Texas is a majority Republican state.  60% of statewide offices are held by Republicans.  I think everybody knows how we voted in the last two Presidential elections.  Our Governor, our two Senators, they’re Republicans.  But in the House of Representatives we had 17 Democrats and 13 Republicans.

How does that happen?

I’ll tell you how.  It happened because of old district maps that Democrats created all my damn life here.  Democrats in the state house did this to the Rs for 50 f’n’ years, and when the Rs gave em some of their own medicine, they ran off like a bunch of pussies to New Mexico and Oklahoma instead of taking it like men.

Amounted to a swing of 6 Representatives moving to the Republican side of the ledger.  Something less than the Apocalypse it was made out to be.  Hell, here in my own District we still have Chet Edwards, D.  They took a shot at him but he ducked and lived to vote another day.

And it wasn’t all elections.  Ralph Hall, formerly my favorite Democrat, decided he had had enough, and switched parties.

UPDATE: I forgot to add, the thing I loved about all this the best was we finally nailed that weasel Martin Frost.  He was dug in like a tick and we weren’t ever gonna dig him out.




1. Anonymous - June 28, 2006
2. skinbad - June 28, 2006

Interesting headline choice from AP. The headline and the lead paragraph aren’t exactly congruent in my mind.

“Court nixes part of Texas political map”
By GINA HOLLAND, Associated Press Writer
Wed Jun 28, 12:55 PM ET

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld most of the pro-Republican Texas congressional map engineered by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and freed all states to draw new political boundaries as often as they want.

The court, however, said that part of the new Texas map failed to protect minority voting rights, a small victory for Democratic and minority groups who accused Republicans of an unconstitutional power grab in drawing boundaries that booted four Democrats from office.

3. Dave in Texas - June 28, 2006

Yeah, they definitely tried to spin it, but if all they could get was a mushy redraw of 23, we kicked their ass.

4. kevlarchick - June 29, 2006

I vividly remember the border flight of those spineless Ds. Real Texans (and I was one at the time) laughed at those crybabies.

5. elzbth - June 29, 2006

That’s fine for you in Texas. In California, we still have districts that look like warped pieces from different puzzles, wiggling worms, and barbells.

6. daveintexas - June 29, 2006

Yeah but in Cah-lee-fooorneeyah you got Ahhhnuld.

We got Governor Goodhair.

Although I love this particular style…


7. Governor Rick Perry - June 29, 2006

Adios, Mo-Fo!

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