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Murtha’s Law June 20, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Politics.


This guy thinks he has a serious plan to "change direction"?

You know what our problem dealing with Murtha is?

1)  He served honorably.

2)  He is senile.

We feel badly picking on a senile old man.

We really need to get over that.  It's nice and all.  Not now.  Stakes are too high.

Never forget the reason the left offers up Murtha, Kerry (he served in Vietnam), Cindy Sheehan and the Jersey girls.  They cannot handle the open debate.  You have to have victims sporting your message, because victims are unassailable, unimpeachable.  We can't argue ideas because to attack them is to attack their suffering.  Their honor.  They earned the right to tell you how wrong you are, and you can't even speak or respond.  Just take it and shut up.

Don't believe me?  Who's been making victims out of the monsters in Gitmo forever?  These poor lambs swept up on the desert sands of club-Afghanistan.  Even Zarqawi, sawer of heads may his martyred name be elevated above the curb.  Was there one article that didn't tell us he was an abused child?

I respect Rep. Murtha for his accomplishments and his service.

I am disgusted with Rep. Murtha for his shameless self-aggrandizement and posturing without regard for the troops he claims to honor and the defense of the nation against a committed and dangerous foe.

I'm used to being disgusted with Congressmen.  The last one who pissed me off with his selfishness was Duke Cunningham.


1. geoff - June 21, 2006

What Dave said. Only louder and with unequalled masculinity.

2. Myron (old en2(ss) on SondraK's blog) - June 21, 2006

As Wild Thing said “Murtha – isn’t that half a word?”

3. elzbth - June 21, 2006

You made an excellent point about the attempts to squelch debate by choosing victims to present a point of view.

4. jayne - June 22, 2006

As Rush Limbaugh said,”Lee Harvey Oswald was a Marine”

5. Think Tankers » Dave on Murtha - June 24, 2006

[…] Dave in Texas gets it right about the conservative response to Congressman Murtha. He's got a point. The man did defend our right to call him a useful idiot. Which makes right-leaning folks hesistant to do so. […]

6. kevlarchick - June 24, 2006

It’s the old moral authority argument.

7. russ knepp - October 5, 2006

John Murtha makes more & more sense.
Why do we support the cowards who failed to serve in Vietnam?
Iraq was stupid,still is – time to go!

8. Ramalan Arti Mimpi - March 18, 2016

John Murtha makes

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