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Why would you defend this douchebag? June 16, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Politics.


I know.  Pelosi and the leadership are smart enough to throw him under the bus.

But why isn't the Congressional Black Leadership Caucus smart enough?

When we found out that Bob Ney had some questionable gambling winnings at a questionable time to take care of some questionable debts, and might have been involved in a deal to sell aircraft parts to Iran, most of the conservatives I run with said "strip him of his committee memberships, his seniority, and let the investigation fly".

When Duke Cunningham pled guilty to accepting bribes from contractors for favorable treatment, we said "love you Duke.  Terrific service.  Go to jail".

But when William Jefferson D-La is caught with 90 grand in his freezer (it's fish dammit!  frozen fish!), and even when the House D leadership is smart enough to drop this loser like a used rubber, the CBLC (do they use that or am I making it up?  Hell I just don't feel like typing it anymore) want us to make sure he isn't prejudged.  Gets the benefit of presumption of innocence. 

Just like they do for the Marines.

UPDATE: Honestly, we all understand the political motivations of Pelosi and the Dem leadership here, the guy looks dirty and they can't throw him under the bus fast enough.  They need to maintain their Republican "culture of corruption" narrative.  But the CLBC actually does have a shred of a point.  The guy hasn't been charged with a crime.  He is not under indictment.  Yet.  Hurrying to yank him off Ways and Means is just showboating.


1. geoff - June 16, 2006

It’s racism – his racial identity trumps everything else about him.

2. geoff - June 16, 2006

Ooops. I should have closed with, “At least in the eyes of the CBLC.”

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