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The End of Al-Qaeda in Iraq June 15, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in terrorist hemorrhoids.

So says the Z-man himself, in documents seized after the bombing.

The only chance we have is to get the Americans fighting somebody else (Iran).

The Iraqi Army is much more effective that we had thought.

Got to destroy the American's relationship with the Shiites.

The authenticity is already being challenged, although the grounds for that is bizarre (he speaks differently when he writes than in the videos).  No shit, so do I.

I know this, we found enough stuff to successfully locate an awful lot of them this week.  I think the authenticity of those documents speaks for itself.



1. Ace of Spades HQ - June 15, 2006

Zarq Docs: “I don’t know if you were payin’ attention, but we just got our asses kicked! Game over! Game over!”

Good stuff. Unless fake. As an overall picture, time has been an element in affecting negatively the forces of the occupying countries, due to the losses they sustain economically in human lives, which are increasing with time. However, here in…

2. Steve - June 15, 2006

We may not have torn our their heart, but we sure got their pancreas, and a good chunk of their liver. Maybe a kidney ta boot.

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