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Well, I’m not only dead, I’m outted June 10, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in terrorist hemorrhoids.


Dammit I knew this was going to happen.

Look, the mudjahadeen, they got some pretty strict rules about cross dressing.  Like, you ain't ever supposed to do it ever, no way, have you lost your f'n' mind?

The papers called it a "leopard-print" nightie, which is such bullshit, those are tiger-stripes.  That one was my favorite, silky, little spaghetti straps and a matching thong.  Plunging neckline, very sheer.  I loved wearing that one.

Usually I would just wear that stuff at night, but sometimes, when the mood struck me, I'd put something on under my uniform.

Hey, I always jihad better when I feel pretty.

It was just something I did, ok?  Not a big deal, not at all.  I've seen much worse, much much worse, I can tell you that my friends.  Only of the other fedayeen knew my secret, but he wuz cool with it, even supportive. I can still remember the last thing Ashar told me when I was getting dressed to go play with that M249;

"The rose goes in the front big guy".

Yes it does.  It certainly does.



1. BigDog - June 16, 2006

Funny. He was a pedophile. Z’s 16 year old wife and 19 month old child were killed along with him, Do the math.

2. daveintexas - June 16, 2006

Yeah, truly a beautiful human being.

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