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Genetic Quality of Sperm Deteriorates as Men Age June 6, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in uh.

Shut up, really?


Did you know they were orange?  Me either.

My guys get tired as I get older?  Wow, I sure didn't see that coming.  You can put this in the category of "things others may be terribly concerned about but do not affect my life anymore".

I understand they have applied for additional funding to study some other amazing things about a man's body and aging, such as:

When I get out of bed in the morning, what the hell is that pain in my back?

Where did that dark circle on my hand come from and how long has it been there?

Have you noticed the robust health and rapid growth of those hairs in my ears?  Are they like, cancerous or something?

When I pull a muscle in my chest, and it hurts for a few days, when it pangs all of a sudden in the afternoon and I'm just sitting here doing nothing, why do I check my pulse?

Is there like, a grouchy-bastard center of the brain, and is it growing?

What the hell?  I used to be able to throw it home from here.  I know it.  Is this field bigger?  Is this related to my tired sperm?

I eagerly await the results of these studies.


1. kevlarchick - June 7, 2006

Your little swimmers are drowning. No wonder you’re so cranky all the time and have to take naps.

2. skinbad - June 7, 2006

This explains the handgun fixation. You still feel the need to shoot live rounds.

3. Mrs. Peel - June 7, 2006

I bet Wolverine’s sperm doesn’t deteriorate.

4. geoff - June 7, 2006

Kind of a lame article – doesn’t tell us how much more likely genetic defects are as you age.

5. Dave in Texas - June 7, 2006

geoff that’s why I added mine own scientifical observations. they left us hanging, so to speak.

6. geoff - June 7, 2006

…and it’s that commitment to science that keeps me coming back. I’m sure it’s the fertility of your imagination and your seminal thinking that lead to the conception of every post.

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