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The Pool June 2, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Pool Blogging.

Michael asked me for a pool update.  He probably assumed that something was actually happening.

Understandable.  It's been three weeks.  So what's happened?


Not a damn thing.

We are working with TXU Electric Delivery to remove some limbs from some trees that are wrapped around some electrical lines.  They are deeply concerned about my construction project, and want to get on this fast.

So they say.

I tried to hire private tree guys to deal with this crap.  You know what they all said?

"We don't do wire trimming sir.  You don't want us to die in your yard".

Well, that's true enough.

Oh well.  It's hot in October too.


So, help me pick out the features.  I prefer cut stone to tile or the sandstone looking stuff.  And the pebble finish inside instead of gunnite… I'm liking black pearl or midnight blue.


UPDATE:  Here's a lousy photo of the plans.  The corner in the middle left is the back porch.  Circular areas on the bottom, and the rectangular area on the top left are concrete deck covered with cut rock (so with the porch be, all tied in).  I will build redwood decking off to the top left with multiple levels and steps and stuff.

The rest of it is pool, spa, and retaining wall full of dirt to plant trees, shrubs and flowers and stuff.




1. elzbth - June 3, 2006

We don’t do wire trimming sir. You don’t want us to die in your yard”.
Well, that’s true enough.

Your level of compassion would truly awe inspiring if I didn’t suspect you were just averse to the clean-up.

Do the pictures show the black pearl or midnight blue? It looks great.

2. daveintexas - June 3, 2006

Midnight blue.

3. daveintexas - June 3, 2006

And can’t you call somebody to collect the dead people? Ick.

4. Íslenska Smáhestur - June 3, 2006

Well, I like the midnight blue. It’s really quite attractive.

And I think private tree-trimming companies should collect their own dead as part of the services offered.

5. Simon - June 3, 2006

well if you’re digging a big hole – no need to have the dead picked up, make a feature of them.

Dave this pool is fantastic – you earn too much dude lol.

6. dave bones - June 14, 2006

you’re digging that? We are coming over.

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