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Check out Texas Lightning May 17, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in guitarsrockandroll.

A German country band.


Damn good country band.  They could play any dance hall here, any weekend they wanted to.

Check this out.   "No no never".  Sweet.

Jane Comerford's pretty hot too.

And I love the outfits.  I got a suit like that.

Mine's blue though.



1. Innocent Bystanders » Check it out - Texas Lightning - May 17, 2006

[…] They kick ass.  They could play in Gruene any weekend they wanted to, and the crowd would love them. […]

2. elzbth - May 17, 2006

Why is light exploding out of her head? Is she leaking?

3. Muslihoon - May 17, 2006

The halo looks so Buddhist. I almost expert her to sprout nine hundred and ninety-eight arms.

(Check this Thai dance out. And this Chinese one.)

4. Dave in Texas - May 17, 2006

listen to the song you knuckleheads. it’s really good.

hey, I know Texas country.

5. Muslihoon - May 17, 2006

Nice music! :-)

6. elzbth - May 17, 2006

What do they sing? This Little Light of Mine?

7. Muslihoon - May 17, 2006

LOL! elzbth – you always know just what to say.

8. Joerg - May 17, 2006

@ elzbth

You can watch the music video of their song “No No Never” which they are going to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest:

@ Dave, thanks for the link.

9. Joerg - May 17, 2006
10. kevlarchick - May 17, 2006

powder blue leisure suit Dave? Hot.

11. Dave in Texas - May 17, 2006

more of a royal blue.

metal trim points on the collar tabs of the shirt, with the bolo tie of course.

12. dave bones - May 17, 2006

they are terrifying. Do you play this sort of stuff?

13. Dave in Texas - May 17, 2006

Some… country is not my usual gig but I do it every now and then.

14. Lipstick - May 18, 2006

I just listened and will be singing this tune in my head all day. I hope they win.

15. Dave in Texas - May 18, 2006

Yeah me too (in my head). I’m definitely gonna get a CD.

I hope they win and come to Austin.. they would get a terrific reception here.

16. michael - May 18, 2006

Dang, Dave, you’re right. They would rock the Gruene Dance Hall. But, do they know it’s not air conditioned? We’re still talkin’ about Germans, after all.

17. Elzbth - May 18, 2006

Very catchy tune.

I notice you changed the picture. Coward. I want to see a picture of you in your royal blue suit.

18. Dave in Texas - May 18, 2006

Michael, we should warn them about August, no doubt.

Elzbth, ya knucklehead, I didn’t change it from a picture of ME.

The one I originally posted was from their web site, and it had bio links tied to mouseovers… that was the weird “halo” effect behind Jane’s head.. so I fixed it.

19. Elzbth - May 18, 2006

Dvntxs, ya bozo, I know the original picture wasn’t you. The picture with the lovely halo effect came first. Like the chicken. Or the egg.

Now we need to see a picture of you. Or at least of your suit. If you are too shy to pose, you can put it on Moses.

20. Muslihoon - May 18, 2006

I miss the halo.

21. Dave in Texas - May 18, 2006

it did make her look sweet didn’t it? check out their website…interesting crew. The band’s history is cover band, really good musicians… and they are pretty much my age so I have an age affinity to them.

that and they sound damn good. I always love that. Whenever you play, and you hear a band you like, and it wants to make you play with them, they kick ass.

22. elzbth - May 21, 2006

Behold the winners of the Eurovision contest here:

Personally, I think Texas Lightning was more sophisticated, even without the halo.

23. daveintexas - May 21, 2006

Those finnish dudes sucked ass.

I’m trying to get with the TL agent and figure out how to get em lit up here in Texas… I really think they could make some serious money if promoted right, and I know Texans would just love em.

24. Muslihoon - May 21, 2006

You rock, Dave! Sometimes I wish I lived in Texas.

25. elzbth - May 21, 2006

Good luck, Dave. If everything works out, let us know.
As to the Finnish dudes who sucked ass all the way to first place, I am not surprised that dowdified Americans lack the sophistication to be impressed by shrieking men wearing Halloween monster masks. It’s all about the nuance, baby.

26. Billie - June 15, 2006

Good evening friends over in Texas!

I just found your site on the internet and was quiet surprised to find “our winners of the hearts” – Texas Lightning – on your page :-)
Although they didn´t win the “Eurovision Song Contest” (15th only), they are our No. 1 here over in Germany :-) We just love them!!! We love their music and their performance on stage! Get them over to Texas, you´ll love them too – especially the one and only Miss Jane Comerford! :-)
If you once started to listen to “No no never” you just can´t stop anymore and will be singing it all day :-)

As you may know we have the Word Championship of Soccer here at the moment and it´s just great! Last night Germany has beaten Poland in a thrilling match and the one goal for Germany in the 91th minute! Wow! I´m sorry for your team, too bad they lost! But I´m sure they´ll win their next one!!!
Germany is in a great mood at the moment!!! Absolutely untypical for Germans ! ;-) But the summer has begun, the weather has finally become hot and Germany wan the important game against Poland!!! Yeehah!! There´s a big party going on here and everybody enjoys it, feels like springtime after a long long loooonnngg tooooo looonnngg winter!! :-) Germany awoke finally:-)

Get the CD of Texas Lightning – it´s just great!
sending good vibes over the ocean from Germany to Texas,

Billie L., Germany

27. daveintexas - June 15, 2006

Billie, I contacted their manager to try to encourage them to come here… but it looks like they are seriously booked through the end of the year.

Still, if things settle down there, they can still get going here. We were way behind the curve on the Beatles! *L

28. Lipstick - June 16, 2006

Next year then–they should go to Texas and then come to Las Vegas in December for the World Finals Rodeo event.

Billie, it must be so exciting to be hosting the World Cup! Continue to have a great time!

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