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My Rig May 16, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Work and Life and Love.

An SWR Mo Bass amp.  900 watts.




You really don't need a heck of a lot of effects for rock/jazz bass.  Some eq.  A little distortion is nice.  But you do need the power up on the stage.  Mostly for your dumb ass drummer who grooves to the feel of his hair getting knocked around.

Two cabinets.  I don't often need em both, but I have always loved that Hartke aluminum cone.



The 4×10 weighs almost 100 lbs.  I don't throw it around like I used to.

Incidentally, I blew out one of the 10" speakers a couple of years ago.  The nice folks at SamsonTech (Hartke) make you send them the old busted one before they will sell you a replacement.

Product integrity.  I respect that.

A tuner… I have the Korg chromatic.  Just cause I could.


And a power conditioner… some of these old Texas roadhouses have some creative electricity.


120 is a good number.

All racked up in a set with wheels.

That's important these days.  I like wheels.

Anyway, that's my stuff.

Oh wait.  I forgot the subwoofer.


Two 15" speakers.  And it has it's own wheels.

Couldn't have designed it better myself.


1. kevlarchick - May 16, 2006

So many buttons to push.

2. Simon - May 17, 2006

You’ve more wattage than me at the moment – you know what this means….


3. dave bones - May 17, 2006

That is a bloody serious bass rig. You’ve got a sub-woofer? I thought that was just for techno. Which stadiums do you play in with this shit?

4. dave bones - May 17, 2006

900 watts? Are you serious?

5. Dave in Texas - May 17, 2006

You better believe it Dave. I could rock Wembley with this shit.

Actually I run a direct out from my amp to the PA, and we run the sub from the PA with it’s own power amp (450W). The Hartkes are driven from my amp and are my monitor and the stage monitor (usually over by the drummer).

6. dave bones - May 17, 2006

I’ve seen outdoor parties done with less than 900 watts. Stck a pic of your bass up or have you already? I’m in the process of getting a great new band together. As soon as I can get hold of a digital camera I’ll stick up a pic of my amp for you to laugh at.

7. Simon - May 17, 2006

Hey, your welcome to rock Wembley in it’s present state.
And to think I was whistfully looking at a Marshall Mode Four – thats just a piss-ant 350w…. So we now have to look at 3 Mode Fours.

Dave Bones – london next week any good to you?

8. Simon - May 17, 2006

Power conditioner for 110v are you serious?
How does that JBL sound by the way?

9. Dave in Texas - May 17, 2006

There are a lot of old dance halls here in Central Texas where we play, many built in the 30s and 40s. You run into some creative power problems from time to time (such as no electrical ground), or surges in hot summertime.

10. Dave in Texas - May 17, 2006

You can see my 5 string here, from the Carvin custom shop.


Oh, and that JBL is great – very clean sound.

11. Simon - May 17, 2006

Ahhhh yer dont need a ground if you’re wireless – that way you can enjoy watching the roadie light the place up – cuts costs in lighting and everything.

Seriously though, no earthing is a death wish. It only takes 50mA to send the heart into fib.

12. Dave in Texas - May 17, 2006

Especially when your mouth touches a microphone. Gotta be an even bigger problem there with 220. I’m pretty sure that’s what blew up Mick Jagger’s lips.

13. Simon - May 18, 2006

lol no but that is why they say ‘Keith Richards can not be killed by conventional methods’.
The reason is that it transpired (so the story goes) that Richards played an entire gig with a faulty amp with 240v coursing through his guitar – it was only at the end when he passed it to his roadie (who promptly disappeared through a speaker stack) did they realise there was a problem.
But the amazing thing was Richards took the guitar back from the roadie – therefore saving his life; Richards again not showing any visible signs of persistent electrocution.

Lets be honest though – he was just well insulated LOL.

I personally wouldn’t touch anything that wasnt wireless these days and the amp’s power passing through an RCD (or whatever you guys have) as long as it trips no higher than 30mA.

However, looking at your rig, i guess you’ll be looking at 3 phase next huh? lol

14. Dave in Texas - May 18, 2006

That’s amazing – had not heard that story.

Yeah, 3 phase would be the next step. Either that or track down whoever bought the Grateful Dead’s Wall of Sound!

15. dave bones - May 18, 2006

Great bass Dave. What style of music do you play? send us an mp3.

Keith Richards? I thought you were describing my last ketamine trip.
Yeah, Si lets do the geetar shops again, though I’m a bit worried doing geetar shops with you as I have money now and might actually buy something. I tried a german gretsch style thing which apparently Keif and the other leatherface mad alky play in the stones. can’t remember the name. 11 hundred quid for a really nice black snakeskin design. hmmmm. That Gretsch I told you aboutI tried again. It sounds great but doesn’t hold its tunning at all and the bigsby doesn’t return to the same position when you wang it. can’t spend 400 quid on that can you?

Dave, this is my guitar. Its just a piece of shit I bought from a friends mums catalogue when I was 16 for 5 quid a week but i still love it. The other day I played guitars in the 500-1700 quid price range and I can’t see how any of them are better than mine.

16. Simon - May 19, 2006

You’re so right about the prices not resembling the quality on the guitar…
It’s one of those things where you play every single thing in the shop and find the one that actually works for you is made by a name you’ve never heard of etc and cost nothing.
Theres also those guitars that were made the first thing on a monday morning and the last thing on friday afternoon irrespective of the name on the neck.

LOL, yeah I have the money too – I just can’t seem to part with it….
I know it’ll be the same next week too.

17. daveintexas - May 19, 2006

I’ve got double humbuckers on an Ibanez blue flame top. Not bad at all… it’s a neck thru… good sustain.

I love how the Gretsch guitars look… sound is a different matter. Maybe it’s me.

Dave, I’ll dig around in the boneyard and see what I can find. Mostly have vid recordings and they all suck. I have been in two bands since 97, one is a classic rock gig with some C&W and the other is pure 80s (unless I could talk em into some Zep or Stones).

Interestingly, we all love playing Pink Floyd. Our lead player in old band definitely understands Gilmour’s strat work.

18. Simon - May 19, 2006

If you want a laugh I can always just take my cam on next weeks great guitar hunt and email you some pics of Bones being a rock god lol

19. Tom M - May 21, 2006

Dave, I am impressed. I can’t beleive how long it was before the amp guys figured out XLR balanced outs from amp to mixer.

20. Dave in Texas - May 21, 2006

Simon, I want photographic evidence that I can post for the 3 morons who actually read this blog (not counting you and Dave. and Tom M).

Tom, I used to use a direct box back in the day… nobody made a bass amp with an XLR..

21. dave bones - May 21, 2006

Sounds good. Lets do photoshoot. You’ve got all that gear to be in a covers band? Might have guessed! Its only “original compositors” who own shite equipment. I’d like to see a vid of you lot doing Pink Floyd with 900W bass gear. Do you do anything from Animals?

22. Dave in Texas - May 21, 2006

Nothing off Animals. Several cuts off of DSOTM, and the Wall.

And yeah, I can afford to splurge now. Back when I was a kid I had a beat up Fender American standard and an old Bassman tube amp.

I’ll dig through our video archives… I can probably find a cover of “Time”, we played the shit outta that and I sing lead on it.

23. Retired Geezer - July 9, 2006

Um… Dave, do they go up to eleven?

24. Dave in Texas - July 10, 2006

oh yes.

yes they do.

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