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The Beagle Controversy May 13, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Damn Dog.

I swear, Moses slept through the entire White House Press Correspondents Dinner.


He has the most godawful gas too.  Helen Thomas could not have been worse than he was.


1. Muslihoon - May 13, 2006

He’s so cute! Let sleeping dogs lie, they say. Although I forget why.

2. Dave in Texas - May 13, 2006

Startled dogs can wake up scared or mad and snap at you. This guy sleeps with his eyes open sometimes… it is the strangest thing. Any sound or movement outside and he is up howling in a second.

He is the best guard dog I’ve ever had. Nobody is going to break into my house quietly.

3. lauraw - May 13, 2006


Like that?
My dog isn’t a hound, but he does bay occasionally. When he’s done with his fearsome show he licks his jowls out from between his teeth.

I guess if you have little jowls, and you purse your mouth to go ROO, the jowls tend to get stuck in your teeth.

4. lauraw - May 13, 2006

Oh, and light a match, will ya?

Smelly blog you got here.

5. Dave in Texas - May 13, 2006

Kinda, definitely a BAROOOOOOO.. and then more ROOOOOOOOOOOOO with a few barks thrown in for fun.

Between you and me it’s nice to have someone else to blame for the odor.

6. Elzbth - May 13, 2006

I knew it! You are just blaming Moses for your own output. Poor, innocent crime-fighting poochie.

I wonder, who does Helen Thomas blame?

7. geoff - May 14, 2006

Bush, of course.

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