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ABC News Poll – Phone Record Surveillance is Broadly Acceptable to Public May 12, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Finger paints.

Get outta here.  Really?

Americans find this acceptable by a f'n' 2-1 margin, according to an ABC News Poll.

"Lending support to the administration's defense of its anti-terrorism intelligence efforts, 63 percent in this ABC News/Washington Post poll say the secret program, disclosed Thursday by USA Today, is justified, while far fewer, 35 percent, call it unjustified".

There's more.

"Indeed, 51 percent approve of the way President Bush is handling the protection of privacy rights, while 47 percent disapprove"

Not a barn-burning majority, but a majority none the less.  Incidentally, I'd be in the 47 percent disapproval side because I don't think we're doing enough (borders please?  profiling?).

"Similarly, eight in 10 conservatives call the NSA program acceptable. Six in 10 moderates agree, as do more than four in 10 liberals"

4?  I'd like to meet em.

Do I think these techniques can be abused?  Well hell yes of course, re: Nixon.  Clinton.  Do I think they are necessary in a time of war when America has been attacked by terrorists?

Of course.

I hope Democrats keep railing about this, I really do.  While they're working on their new language to convince us they are serious about protecting Americans.



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