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Fight Club – Arlington Texas May 10, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

Students in the Arlington Texas arranging fights, recording them and selling the DVDs.  Police investigation underway, reportedly arrests have been made.

Serious injuries also reported this morning, including care-flight evacuations for some students.

Officials assert this is a metroplex (Dallas – Ft. Worth area) wide problem.

Well.  Boys will be entreprenuers boys.

I remember being intrigued about the idea behind the movie Fight Club, with Ed Norton and Brad Pitt.  I'm often intrigued by, oh what to call it, the bizzarre.  I watched it (on cable), and thought "this is turning out to be a pretty interesting film",


until it descended into that stupid Ed Norton beating up his alter ego crap.  Had they not gone there I think it could have been a pretty good film.

I also remember thinking after seeing it "somewhere, somebody is doing this".

I suppose the charges will involve brawling on public property, possibly some conspiracy type stuff involving the sales of DVDs.  I have heard a rumor that adults were involved in setting this up, we'll find out soon enough.  And I guess I can see recourse for the public property stuff.

But what if they did them on private property?  Crime?

I don't know.


1. kevlarchick - May 10, 2006

You should start one Dave, right here. We just won’t talk about it. That’s the first rule, you know.

2. dave bones - May 11, 2006

come on Dave.. you think you’re the shit? you think you’re the shit? come on… I’ll ‘ave ya.

3. Dave in Texas - May 11, 2006

Dave, Dave… I don’t fight anymore.

I would just shoot your ass.

4. elzbth - May 11, 2006

I would just shoot your ass.

And he would use buckshot. Your granny would have to pick out each little shot with tweezers and drop it with a ping into a metal bucket. And that’d teach ya!

5. lauraw - May 13, 2006

Kind of reminds me of how street racing took off after those other recent movies came out…which I can’t remember the names to right now.

6. Muslihoon - May 13, 2006

The Fast and the Furious, lauraw?

Look out for a new trend, although I think it’s new. Drifting. From The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

7. Innocent Bystanders » Real Fight Club - May 14, 2006

[…] All over the local news. […]

8. alicia - May 24, 2006

ummm… i would juss have ran and go to mc donalds and eat by tha way i luv ya’ll come and mc donalds sometimes i’m tha manager

9. Spencer hindt - June 5, 2012

look guys,

10. Spencer hindt - June 5, 2012

A lot of people have many built up reasons for wanting to fight legality, and by that I mean, fighting is one if the best ways to really know who a person is, alot of people need to get shit off their chest without the other guy coming back with 5 people and guns cause they got their ass kicked. More establishments need to be available for men to let out what’s going to be let out, and be some what legal. my biggest fear is one my built up is going to be let free I’ll then spend my life in prison for going on who it. So

I wish there was a somewhat legalese place I could fix this situation

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