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Ok, is it just me? May 9, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Politics.


Or has Al put on a couple of more pounds?

Dude, what are you eating?  Stop already.

It's funny, the non-scientific AOL poll says Al has a crappy chance of winning the White House if he gets the nomination, but a better chance than Hillary of winning the Democratic nomination.

Take note Mrs. Senator Rodham Clinton.  The guy who is a sure fire loser has a better chance than you.



1. Muslihoon - May 9, 2006

A few hundred more, and he’ll look a little bit like Ariel Sharon.

2. Enas Yorl - May 9, 2006

Maybe he thinks he lost before because he lacked “Gravy-tas”.

3. Muslihoon - May 9, 2006


4. Elzbth - May 10, 2006

He decided to eat on 40 pounds before he decided not to . Then it was too late.

5. Feisty - May 10, 2006

Blech. He looks like he’s doing a play-by-play of the last lesbian porn movie he saw.

6. Dave in Texas - May 10, 2006

It is kinda gross isn’t it?

7. michael - May 21, 2006

“One more donut, please.”

8. kreutzer - July 2, 2006

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