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Iran says it won’t withdraw from Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty May 9, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

After it’s parliament threatened to do exactly that over the weekend.

Criminy!  Do they ever shut up about this?  Every damn day it’s like “Nukes!  We want nukes!  We’re gonna make nukes!  You can’t stop us from our nukes!  We’re gonna do it, we’re not kidding around this time”!

All nukes, only nukes.  24 hours a day.

You know what, I’m almost to the point where I’d be willing to say “FINE!  MAKE YOUR F’N’ NUKES!  Just go ahead.  Then could you just SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT THEM FOR A WHOLE WEEK OR SOMETHING”?!?

Everybody knows somebody like this.  Their self-image is so poor, they cannot stop yakking about themselves.  They usually throw in a good dose of why everybody else sucks except them.  And they are annoying as hell.  Oh initially you might feel some sort of empathy for them or their condition.  But their incessant yammering pretty much beats that out of you after, say 20 minutes or so.  You reach a point where you don’t feel sorry for them, you are sick and tired of them, and if they don’t shut the hell up already you are going to beat the crap out of them with a 9 iron.

It’s worse than listening to John Kerry tell me he served in Viet Nam.

Iran, you're on notice.  You are bugging the crap out of me and you need to knock it off.



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