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Clinton Legacy Secured! May 3, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Bidness.

You have to appreciate the irony.  Teen obesity danger thwarted by Clinton Foundation agreement secured with Cocal-Cola, Pepsi, Cadbury-Scweppes and the American Beverage Association to pull sodas out of American public schools.

I guess I can understand why Bill would stay away from that whole teen pregnancy problem.

Well, those of you who are free-market capitalist types like me, who might consider this outrageous, you need not shed a tear for the beverage industry.



A product of the Coca-Cola company.  And Pepsi's got their bases covered too folks.

I don't know how much it costs to use reverse-osmosis on tap water, but I'm quite certain it ain't as much as making a can of Coke.  There are dozens of water bottlers in the beverage industry (too many, really).

Fret not.  They'll be just fine folks.  They get to look good and keep market share.

Not a bad deal at all.



1. compos mentis - May 3, 2006

How about just turning the damned machines off when school is in session? That’s what my high school did. Besides, whatever happened to teaching your kids personal respect and responsibility? I’d wager that if most of these obese kids’ parents would provide a homemade sit-down dinner instead of taking portly Poindexter through the McDonald’s drive-thru every night, some lard might be lost in addition to brain cells and responsibility being developed.

Now get the hell off my lawn!! Damned kids.

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