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Fish May 1, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Work and Life and Love.

Much easier to take care of than a beagle.


Sharktail is the neon tetra on the left (kid named him, he is the only survivor of the "original 5" as I like to refer to their deceased carcasses).

The orange platy in the center is Dick Cheney.  The striped tetra on the right is William Howard Taft.


Chinese algae eater on the left… Grover Cleveland.  The emerald cory is Herbert Hoover.

He's a bottom feeder.  Get it?  Hoover?  I'm cracking up here.


Ronald Reagan.  The guppy.


Robert Kennedy.  He looks nervous, doesn't he?

Another shot of Dick Cheney, being chased by his boss Ronald Reagan.


Andrew Jackson


I can't believe I waited this long in life to have an aquarium.  You talk about relaxing at the end of the day, watch this stuff for 20 minutes.


1. elzbth - May 1, 2006

You have some famous and influential fish there, DaveinTexas. They all looked relaxed because they know a world-famous genuine superhero beagle will keep them safe from cats, burglars, and assorted re-writers of history.

2. Muslihoon - May 1, 2006

I’m impressed. Every time we try to keep fish, they die. I say I have the touch of death: every fish and plant I had has died.

Maybe I’ll try out a simple hardy goldfish (again). In any case, I love the smell of fish pet areas.

3. kevlarchick - May 2, 2006

They are adorable. Me like Dick Cheney and Ronaldus Magnus.

4. Bart - May 5, 2006

Please tell me that you’ll have deep-sea diver blowing bubbles in your aquarium. And a sunken ship.

5. blogidaho - May 5, 2006

I’m figuring dave for one of those Mermaids. I bet he gets his kids paint set and puts nipples on her.

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