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Republican Senators unveil bold new plan to attack rising gasoline prices April 27, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Bidness.

3 simple steps 

1.  Take money from oil companies

2.  Redistribute it to voters hard working Americans feeling the pinch at the pump.

3.  Congratulate selves, praise the American economy and capitalism

Let's be honest, if all they want to give me is a hundred bucks, prices can't be as bad as everyone is screaming they are.

Some want to give them credit for attaching a "drill ANWR" rider.  Well not me.  If they had any balls at all we'd be drilling in ANWR now, and both coasts, we'd be building refineries, and we sure as hell wouldn't be raising taxes to hand out as bribes.  This is Socialist pandering.

Gutless.  Every damn one of em.


1. amanda - January 15, 2007

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2. Great Home Improvement - August 17, 2007

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